Permit Application for Special Events / Filming on County Roads


The following are requirements that will need to be submitted on the next page of this application

  1. Include a sketch or diagram indicating the location of Road Occupancy and Traffic Control Plan. If a banner will be used indicate the height, including height of bottom of banner over road – a minimum clearance of 4.7 metres is required. Here is an example of the Signs and Traffic Control Plan and the Legend to be included on the map. Also for your information the link to the OTM Book 7

  2. Include a waste management plan (please indicate on the sketch the locations of the recycle and garbage containers).
    All events are required to meet the mandatory recycling By-Law No. 2016-17, being a by-law to ban certain items from landfill sites and transfer stations within the County of Peterborough. For further information or assistance please contact the Waste Management Division at 705-775-2737.

  3. Attach a copy of Certificate of General Liability Insurance ($5 million) covering the event and naming the Corporation of the County of Peterborough as additional insured. Applicable for Police Services and the Local Municipality where required. Our legal name and address must appear on the certificate in this manner: 

    The Corporation of the County of Peterborough
    470 Water St
    Peterborough, ON
    K9H 3M3

  4. Notify the following organizations of the event, requesting written authorization and submit with permit application.
  •  Hydro One - Email Hydro One at with detail of request including date/duration, location of hydro poles and pole ID number. 
  • */** Local Municipality
  • ** Police Department
  • ** Fire Department
  • ** Peterborough County/City Paramedics

      5. Complete the Release Form, date and have signature witnessed.

Download Release Form

      6. Permit application and supporting documents must be received at least 10 business days priorto the scheduled special event/filming.

      7. Movie/Filming events are subject to a fee and security deposit, please see the Tariff of Fees By-Law, Schedule A, as Amended.


**Special Event/Filming

Every applicant to whom a permit has been issued shall ensure that access for emergency vehicles is available at any and all times

If you require this information in an accessible format, please contact the County Clerk at, or 705-743-0380 extension 2101.